Missing Dogs

Name Pet Photo Dog Name Breed Color Gender Characteristics
Jessica Rounds Colt Puggle Brown (Liver) Male brown coat short-haired
James Gallo Denzel Pug Black Male white chest
bug eyes
floppy ears
short coat
extra front claws
Kristyn Ganim Reeses Labrador Mix Chocolate Male Large dog (95-100lbs) brown with white paws and brown dots.
Lisa Halsdorf Bailey Chihuahua Select One Male Bailey is 19 and can't hear and only sees shadows . He is FREINDLY and If found you can't just pick him up. He won't run
Erin Pollay Josie Other Mixed Breed Blonde Female
Audrey Brahler Audrey Brahler Boston Terrier Brindle Female Greeting around the eyes. Skinny. A lot of energy and very sweet.
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Missing Cats

Name Pet Photo Cat Name Breed Color Gender Characteristics
Britt Gersey Whisper American Shorthair White Male
Trisha fricke Kitty American Shorthair Gray (Bluemerie) Male
Melissa Milham Buddha American Shorthair Tri-Color Male He is half grey tabby with a lot of white o. His neck, belly and feet. He has more white on the right side of his face by his nose than on the left side.
Ashley Berry Lily Select One Salt and Pepper Female White fluffs I'm ears
Rida Saeed Avery American Shorthair Brindle Male White Spot of fur on his back left paw, as well as on the front of his neck
Deb Jones Toga American Shorthair Orange Male Spot on front white muzzle. Large cat
Erik Yatto Simon American Shorthair Tan (Beige) Male
Kristen Mao Select One Salt and Pepper Select One Long hair
Olivia Sutcliffe Mitzi American Shorthair Black Female Back right foot is tan, "tortiseshell" color, grey collar with a pink bow, pink nametag, and a pink bell
Ashley Berry Lily Ragamuffin Salt and Pepper Female White tuffs of fur in ears
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Other Missing Pets

Name Pet Photo Pet Name Pet Type Color Characteristics
No records found.

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