Missing Dogs

Name Pet Photo Dog Name Breed Color Gender Characteristics
Greta Noble Bo Chihuahua Tan (Beige) Male
Paula Szwarcberg Bob Beagle Tri-Color Male Was neuterd recently
Noelle Long Bruce Shepherd Mix Brindle Male German Shepherd. He barks, but is not aggressive
DAVID Fribourg Shy Shar Pei Brown (Liver) Female Very skinny, recently gave birth
Edward Turner Keeda Shiba Inu Salt and Pepper Female
David Kalish Luna Silky Terrier Blonde Female She's blind, with cataracts.
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Missing Cats

Name Pet Photo Cat Name Breed Color Gender Characteristics
Rebecca Stack Atia American Shorthair Tri-Color Female Gray and Black Tabby. White chest and abdomen. Hind legs are white, front feet are white. Has Crooked white blaze. Red highlights throughout her coat.
Jennifer Speulstra Bella Ragdoll Cats Black Female
Christopher Pignato Tsuki American Shorthair Black Male He has no tail
Debra Raspante Bear Bombay Black Male All black slender sleek short black hair greenish yellow eyes
Strictly indoor cat
Lori Jack Sparrow Maine Coon Brindle Female Puffy tail, tan underbelly.
Gayle Gendron Stuey Select One Orange Male White rings around tail with white tip.
Marge Bauer-Kimmel Chappie Select One Gray (Bluemerie) Male Gray cat with white paws
Marge BauerKimmel Chippie Select One Select One Male Gray with white paws
Marge BauerKimmel Chippie Select One Select One Male Gray with white paws
John Campbell John Campbell American Shorthair Gray (Bluemerie) Select One Stripes on forehead and saggy belly. Tabby cat
Debra VanDusen-Coleman Carlton American Shorthair Brown (Liver) Male Grey/Brown striped
Micro chipped - 24PetWatch
Kevin J. Rogers Barney Select One Orange Female Barney is a very sweet and gentle Maine coon, possibly will be skittish among strangers (at least at first). Has been on a restricted diet to prevent chronic kidney disease.
Mikayka Cyrus, enoch Select One Gray (Bluemerie) Male One has white on his fave, paws, tummy. Very friendly. Only about 7 months old
Samantha Scanlon Mufasa American Shorthair Tan (Beige) Male loud meow, black and white whiskers, pink nose and paws, eyes same color as fur
chris alonge cocoa Select One Gray (Bluemerie) Female all gray, short hair, very friendly, about 8 pounds
Britt Gersey Whisper American Shorthair White Male
Trisha fricke Kitty American Shorthair Gray (Bluemerie) Male
Melissa Milham Buddha American Shorthair Tri-Color Male He is half grey tabby with a lot of white o. His neck, belly and feet. He has more white on the right side of his face by his nose than on the left side.
Ashley Berry Lily Select One Salt and Pepper Female White fluffs I'm ears
Rida Saeed Avery American Shorthair Brindle Male White Spot of fur on his back left paw, as well as on the front of his neck
Deb Jones Toga American Shorthair Orange Male Spot on front white muzzle. Large cat
Erik Yatto Simon American Shorthair Tan (Beige) Male
Kristen Mao Select One Salt and Pepper Select One Long hair
Olivia Sutcliffe Mitzi American Shorthair Black Female Back right foot is tan, "tortiseshell" color, grey collar with a pink bow, pink nametag, and a pink bell
Ashley Berry Lily Ragamuffin Salt and Pepper Female White tuffs of fur in ears
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Other Missing Pets

Name Pet Photo Pet Name Pet Type Color Characteristics
Tom Tanner Mr. Peepers Bird Blue with white feathers White crown Blue feathers, White feathers mixed in wings, white crown , brown cere
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